We’d love to learn more about creative that is most effective on our platform by testing different campaign executions among matching user groups while fielding the campaign

What is creative testing

Gold standard for establishing effectiveness of a chosen approach

Outcome driven: selects a ‘winner’ based on the most relevant performance indicator measured

No guesswork: Actual target audience reacts to the creative in the moment of care

Fair comparison: we typically compare one variation to the baseline (control), but can account for multiple variations in large campaigns

What we may test

CTA: Direct CTAs deliver more action. Which one works best for your brand?

Does your target audience respond better to the creative featuring doctors or patients?

When does a long video work better than a short one?

Is animation more effective than live action?

According to an Ipsos study*,

as measured by brand and ad recall

*”10 Rules for TV Strategy” by Ipsos, Dec 2014

Let’s get started

1. Let us know your campaign objectives and business outcomes tracked
2. Tell us who exactly you’d like to reach
3. Help us formulate research hypotheses: what is one element of creative that we should dial up?